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5 Things to Consider To Get A 5-Star Flooring Experience

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

  • Selection – there are so many products on the market, it can be overwhelming! To help you make the right choice for your project, it always helps to see a sample of the product in the space you’re working in.

  • Expert Service - talk to an expert. Tell them your goals, what you use the space for and what concerns you have. Have them explain why they recommend certain products.

  • Ask questions about durability and maintenance and anything else until you feel confident in the investment you’re making. Ask if there are any potential additional fees you might incur and what would necessitate them.

  • Communication – Make sure you understand how the installation process will work. How often does the company intend to communicate with you? Will they let you know when your product is in stock? Will they work with you on installation days and times? Will they arrive on time and how long is the installation planned to take? What is your responsibility to prepare for the installation? What fees are charged for moving furniture? What kind of cleanup do they do?

  • Satisfaction – what kind of commitment will the company make regarding your satisfaction? Is there anyone you can call if you have questions or concerns during the installation? Will someone come walk through the space with you after the installation in complete? If you have follow up questions, can your reach out? When is final payment due?

  • Care – at the end of the day ask yourself if you feel like the company cares about your business. Have they demonstrated that they want to earn both your job and your trust? Do you feel like you’re in good hands with them? Do you feel like they’ve been honest and upfront during your initial meeting?

For a 5-Star Flooring Experience, choose Floor Coverings International. Connect today:; 315-960-5510

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