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Creating a Morning Centering Practice

Mornings can be crazy. Getting the kids off to school, the dog fed, yourself ready

for that big presentation, and dropping the dry cleaning on the way to work.

How are you grounding yourself in the morning?

When we don’t start the day by centering ourselves, we often fight that off-kilter,

out-of-balance feeling all day. It can cause us to move through the day in a

scattered or irritated state and lack the focus we need to perform our work effectively. But taking just a few minutes in the morning—even if it means setting your alarm clock five minutes earlier—can transform the rest of your day. Some simple practices that can ground you for your day include:

Use the breath. Bring your awareness to your breath by lengthening the inhales and

exhales and keeping them smooth and balanced.

Do a short mindful walking exercise. If you are someone who finds that stillness

makes all that excess energy bubble to the surface, do a short mindful walking

exercise, even just in your bedroom. Stay fully present and connected to your

breath for this exercise. If there is a window view of a tree or something in nature

that is strong, immobile, and grounded, think about bringing that same grounded

awareness to your physical body.

Stand with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Feel the energy from the Earth

below and allow the excess nervous energy to flow through the bottom of your feet

to the ground beneath you.

Journal. If writing helps to center you, journaling can be a great morning exercise.

So perhaps invest in a beautiful, fluid pen and an inspiring journal, take those

runaway thoughts of the morning and get them out on paper.

Use an affirmation to come back to your own strength and power. Take some quiet

time to breathe and lean into your day in grounded strength by repeating an

affirmation to yourself. Some examples are: 

  • I am steady and strong;

  • I create my own safety; and

  • I stand in my strength and power.

Returning to that awareness of centering during your day will reinforce that feeling

of focus and harmony. You can even set reminders on your phone to help you come

back to your breath and that calm focus.

By incorporating a morning centering practice into your routine, you can create a

positive change in your life that can impact your entire day.

*About the Author: Renee Hagar-Smith is a mindfulness-based wellness coach, who helps people learn to stress less and thrive more through mindful self-care, self-love, and self-compassion practices. Renee provides one-on-one coaching, group coaching, individual and corporate workshops, and mindfulness seminars. She is also a mom, doggie mom, traveler, and spiritual seeker who is always learning, growing, and trying to be a good human. Connecting with Renee all begins with a 45-minute complimentary discovery chat to discuss your needs, struggles, and vision, and discover how Renee can best support your goals. You can sign up for your free consultation at her website at

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Heh, my morning practice is basically all of the above. I get up and do some journaling while I plan out my day. Then I do some chi gong standing meditations. After that, I hop on my treadmill and follow Tony Robbins Daily magic program for a fifteen minute walk. That walk includes breathwork, gratitude awareness, visualizations, and ends with doing affirmations.

Usually takes me around 45 minutes, depending on how much journaling/daily planning I do.

Me gusta
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