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What Each Golden Girl Can Teach You About Marketing

My love for The Golden Girls runs deep and I talk about them in public more often than a well-adjusted 37 year old male should, but I don’t care. Over the course of the past 25 years or so, I’ve probably watched all 180 episodes at least 12 times each (again, no shame in my game) and I’ve come to the conclusion that each Golden Girl has something different to teach the small business owner about how to run their marketing program.

Rose: The power of storytelling and the importance of brevity.

Rose’s St. Olaf, Minnesota stories were nothing short of legendary, but they were also long-winded and included too much insider information and verbiage.

In marketing, you need to remember to tell your story – but keep it short and interesting for the listener. Whether a press release, sales pitch, social campaign, flyer or any other form - keep in mind, you’re only one “St. Olaf” story away from being ignored, deleted, unfollowed, thrown out or sent to the spam folder.

Sophia: The importance of transparency.

Sophia’s status as a fan favorite character on the show can largely be attributed to her tendency to say things exactly as she saw them and to pull no punches when it came to addressing….well, anything.

In marketing, you need to communicate what is happening accurately and honestly – otherwise it will come back and bite you. Now, I’m not saying you can’t put a little “spin” on the truth to make it sound more appealing – that’s something Sophia did too while recounting the past.

Dorothy: The value of being quick-witted.

Something that separates a good marketing campaign from a fanfreakingtastic marketing campaign is having someone on the team that’s a wordsmith. Dorothy’s wit and unique way with words (guys, she was a teacher, remember?) would no doubt give her the title of “wordsmith.”

You can take a note from Dorothy and monitor what people are talking about your company on and offline and look to capitalize on the best opportunities to insert your voice. Maybe just be nicer than she was to Rose and Blanche?

Blanche: The importance of having a vast network

Blanche’s “little black book” was often used for comedic effect, but she was the most social character on the lanai. Her connections helped her many many times throughout the show.

Take a lesson from Blanche and look to constantly expand your network. You’ll amplify the number of people you can reach with messaging, and thus, drive positive results in the long run.

There you have it - follow these lessons from the Golden Girls and you’re well on your way to marketing success!

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What a fun way to explain marketing.

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