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Asking your clients for a review on Facebook can help build your company’s online reputation, attract more consumers to your business, and expand your search visibility.

Facebook reviews are public and visible for everyone to see. You cannot make them private. You can reply to your reviews and it is important to know how to reply to negative reviews as well as positive reviews. The way a business handle criticism can be praised and go a long way with consumers when they believe you have taken the feedback to heart.

According to, "Facebook reviews, along with reviews on other business review sites, are important marketing assets for any brand. 92.4% of consumers use these reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. People need social proof to know if a product or service is worth the time, and more importantly, the investment."

So, let's quickly go over the benefits of request Facebook reviews:


Help build your online profile and strengthen any social media marketing that you have created. It is important to maintain consistency across your online reputation. This will give your consumers confidence in your products or services.

Improve Google Visibility

Any Facebook reviews will appear under your FB Business listing in the Search Engine Results Pages. SERPs are Google’s action to an individual's search question and they also determine how your site appears on Google’s first page

Embed Facebook Reviews into your website

On your website you can provide a link for your site visitors to write a Facebook review. This allows you to redirect visitors to your FB page. You can also embed your FB review page to your website, providing reputable feedback from happy consumers.

In summary, having your business use social media platforms allows for current consumer and potential consumers to gain access to your brand. Having reviews about your service/business can increase your potential consumer's decision on working with/purchasing from your company.

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